Letishea McLean CounsellingIn Person and Online counselling
based in South East London SE15

The Loss of a child

is a unique, unwanted and life changing experience and which can be even more devastating due to the layers of isolation, grief, fear and unspoken words which exist within asociety

I offer parents and loved ones a space :

  • To speak about their experience
  • To explore the emotional and psychological feelings/changes that will occur within themselves and their relationships
  • To help couples/families be able to meet in their own experience of grief, whilst being respectfully of each other's expressions of grief
  • To empower client to help create a narrative around their new reality and use it as a tool to be able to communicate their needs and wants to others

    Ultimately the space within my counselling room is one which sees the person, their grief and their lived experience and allows them to feel supported and held whilst they grief the loss of their child.

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